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Touch Me, Touch Me Not

Whenever you are sick, somebody simply keeps their hands on your head, you get that feeling of recuperation which those high price drugs can’t give. When you are sad and feeling low some one keeps hand on your shoulder making you feel secured. When two estranged lovers hug, this brings them closer within a moment. When you feel tense someone gives you his/her hand in hand of yours, this relieves you from all the tensions. When you see little baby, you kiss and touch baby’s body which makes you feel much happier. When you achieve something and then someone pats your back, you feel jubilant. Whenever you are in pain some one touches you, you suddenly feel healed. Whenever you are angry someone holds you, you easily get calmed. Even when a couple is getting married first thing priest tells them to hold their hands. Whenever two persons want to get intimate they start by touching each other. Whenever you meet any stranger, you shake the hands thus very first thing you do is touching each other. Everything mentioned above has one thing common which is Touch.

It’s a touch which makes you joyous. It’s a touch that makes you secured. It’s a touch that makes you jubilant. It’s a touch that makes you happy. It’s a touch that makes you satisfied. It’s a touch that makes you exuberant. It’s a touch that brings two people more closely. Even touch comes first in a old saying of “touch, motivate and inspire”.

This is the immense power of touch. Every emotion can be explained and felt by single touch. Every human being has 5 distinct senses which are eyes for looking, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, tongue for tasting and skin for touching. Everything except the touch can be lost in later stages of life but touching sense remains throughout your life. Even people who don’t have other senses communicate through the 5th sense of touch.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Embrace all equally!

Touch me and let me feel your warmth
Touch me not and you will feel my wrath.

p.s. Its a touch in the slap that makes person aware of reality


Twenty Something

Past few days (may be months) I’m feeling bit different. My mind is racing in two contrasting states. I’m having difficulty with myself. One friend of mine mentioned one quote i.e. “The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it is when you do not understand yourself”. In my case neither I nor anybody else can understand my mind.

I feel that people are selfish and especially those who I thought were my best friends have turned their backs. I hate to go along with the crowd. I hate to be seen as the just another face in the crowd. I hate those who dominate my life. I hate those who lie to me. I hate those who betray me. But the problem is that I find these kind of folks on every corner of street. They are looking at me like tiger concentrating at his princely prey.

I laugh and cry with the pure sheer. I feel alone, scared and perplexed sometimes. Suddenly, change becomes the new enemy and I try to hold the hand of past but I soon realize that past is past and I have no other options than catching the present and moving forward. One moment I feel extremely secure whereas very next moment I’m insecure.

I love being loved and I would like to love someone whole heartedly. But suddenly I find myself crushed and heart broken. Thats why I love that pretty girl with marble eyes who is always in my thoughts. Every time I wonder lying in my bed whether will I be meeting anyone decent enough that I want to get to know her better. Or maybe I should keep on loving the same marble eyed girl just with slim ray of hope that one day I will meet her.

Many times I feel like a total jerk. Everyday I ask the same questions over and again. I linger upon the same topics. I haven’t made many important decisions since I don’t know whether I’m right or wrong. One moment I feel that how great it would be to emerge as a victorious captain in the routine rat race but very next moment I find my legs trembling just because of the idea of being contender.

I don’t know whether these are the best of the times or worst of the times of my life. I don’t know whether I will be able to sort the whole thing out. I don’t know how many other guys in the same age group as of mine might be having the same feelings. Someone told me that this whole mess has a name i.e. Quarter Life Crisis. Is it really quarter life crisis or am I attaining the maturity? But one thing is sure, this peregrination from adolescence to adulthood is quite painful.



Power of one letter. I stands for identity. In new world order I stands for internet which opens the gateways of knowledge. And it is homonym for eye too. Aye Aye!!!

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