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I dream a dream

Have you ever dreamt? I bet yes you must have dreamt if you belong to human species and made up of flesh and blood. But have you ever dreamt about dream? May be yes, may be no. If yes then it gives me the sense of satisfaction that I’m not alone. If no then let me tell you that I dream of dreams. Confused (phew 😦 )!!! Well I’m not going to present some Freud theories here. For me dreaming means transitory elation from harsh and bitter reality of world we make living. Dreaming frees me to savor the meaning of my life. I always try to push myself to the illusionary world of mine.

In this world I’m not all alone. I sometimes enjoy the company of my shadows. Sometimes I’m walking with spurt of wind. Sometimes I’m running with river currents. Sometimes I gust with storms and twisters. Sometimes I squander with bright sunshine. Sometimes I get impish for naughty night. Sometimes I fly on the morning horizons. Sometimes I lick the nectar from gaudy flowers in the valley. Sometimes I dance with jumping waves. Sometimes I discourse with omnipresent clouds. Sometimes I squabble with twinkle stars. Sometimes I wander with bumblebees. Sometimes I smell the soil giving warnings of facetious rains. Sometimes I soak myself with thumping rains. Sometimes I play hide and seek with my shadows. Sometimes I howl in the rage of fire. Sometimes I laugh at the moon on moonless nights. Sometimes I envy the sunrays for being customary. Sometimes I race with the moon for comeliness. Sometimes I get cheerful in the soothing moonlight. Sometimes I feel like singing with chirping birds. Sometimes I plummet with the waterfalls. And sometimes I do all of these.

But this bloody real world never allows me to stay in this world for eternity. When ever I enter in this world of dreams, real world makes me awake as soon as possible. I try to knock the doors of this illusionary world every time but the real one drags me into itself. Hence I “dream a dream“. However for this phenomenon there is one specific word in English i.e. “daydreamer”. Yes I’m a daydreamer. And I might not be the only one.


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